We offer a complete service ranging from general practitioner consultations to travel vaccinations and pre-employment medicals.

  • All Childhood Vaccinations
  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • Corporate Medicals, Spirometry, ECG testing
  • Toe Nail Excision (for Ingrown Toe Nails)
  • Family Planning
  • Implanon Insertion and Removal
  • IUD (Mirena Coil Insertion)
  • Minor Operations for Skin Cancers
  • Skin Checks and Minor Procedures
  • One Stop Travellers Medical; Vaccination Centre
  • Work Place Injury Management Services
  • Women’s Health Services
  • Men’s Health
  • Health Checks (45-49 year, 75 year old, healthy kids)
  • Indigenous Health
  • Chronic Disease e.g. Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease
  • Sleep Apnoea Screening
  • Weight Management

While the practice is still building up, we have plans to bring allied health, pathology or even visiting specialists to enhance patient care.


Whatever your preferred language, we can also arrange an interpreter to assist with any language barriers.
The medical centre uses the Telephone Interpreter Service when required and can organise an over the phone service, or with 48 hours notice and on site service.
We can also arrange interpreters through the National Auslan Interpreter Service for our deaf patients.

Dr Dev can speak French and Hindi for any of those who wish to discuss medical issues in these languages.

If you have any other questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact our reception staff.